We can only IMPROVE what we MEASURE !

“News papers should be read for the study of facts. They should not be allowed to kill the habit of independent thinking” ~ M.K. Gandhi

If we have to achieve the above goal of the Mahatma Gandhi, we have to first measure it!

Pillar4 is a step in that direction. We are striving to ask the exact same questions primarily through technology.

Is the news a FACT?  Is the news an independent thought?  And do we adequately cover the “national interest” in this value chain?

Our Vision: Improve the trust between media and the people by measuring democratic progress towards its goals through analytics and analysis of the content.

We collect news articles from over 100+ news publishers across India

We process the news collected using cutting edge technology

We present the processed news in the form of searchable charts, graph etc

What can you do with Pillar4…

Search for News

Search for news articles related to people, places, topics, keywords etc.

Read the full story

Read all relevant info about your favorite topic from various articles


Explore what is trending in news coverage.



Filter your articles relevant to your interests, sources or places


Articles with positive, neutral or negative language used

Highlights, and more...

Many other ways to analyze news!

What we offer to you…

Major News Sources

News from most major digital sources of news related to India

Quantum of Data

More than two years of News data

Made for India

Indian news processed for Indian audience…

What we do…


Define Standards for measuring news

Data Processing

Process the news for quantitative analysis

Continuous Innovation

Always looking for better ways to understand news

Who can use it…

Journalists & Researchers

Understand news coverage through scientific measure

News Papers & Publishers

Compare your news coverage with other publishers


How development & social harmony is reported